Development Team Leader



March 2017 - Today
Adooviz, Grenoble
  • Docker deployments
  • Grunt scripts
  • Manage deployments on firebase infrastructure (preprod, prod)
  • Technical lead on developments of :
    • PHP Backend Symfony 2 (RESTFul mode)
    • Javascript Backend NodeJS on firebase cloud functions
    • Javascript ES6 Frontend on Angular 1.6 framework
    • NOSql database used

Co-Founder - CTO

September 2015 - March 2017
BoardCluster, Grenoble
  • Product development A decision making web application
  • Technologies: angularJS 1.5 for the front-end and NodeJS for the back-end
  • Users tests to build UX and UI
  • Deployment in the cloud Amazon AWS (Web version of + Phonegap / Cordova (mobile version of
    • Lambda: Execute NodeJS code (No-Ops)
    • DynamoDB: NoSQL database
    • APIGateway: REST API
    • CloudFront + S3: front deployed in CDN
    • CI in Gitlab
    • Grunt tool for deployments
  • Creation of product presentation videos with Camtasia.
  • Management of marketing campaigns and social networks pages:
  • CRM deployment : Zoho CRM.
  • Developments and deployment of Zoho Subscription + Stripe payment solutions
  • Lean StartUp and SCRUM agiles methods used

Internal I.T. leader

R&D Engineer

February 2011 - September 2015
Bonitasoft, Grenoble
  • August 2012: Promoted Internal I.T. leader
  • Management tasks:
    • Management of 3 team members
    • Collaboration work with managers of services: marketing, support, R&D and community.
    • In charge of technical & features specifications
    • Meeting minutes
    • Sprints creation (SCRUM methods)
  • Technical lead
  • Suppliers relationship:
    • Management of the mobile fleet
    • Management of the I.T.
    • Management of hosting providers contracts
    • Contract negotiations
  • Creation of the Drupal distribution GroupMind (More details in the projects list below)
  • Developments of all company's websites:
  • I.T.:
    • Deployment of Linux + Apache + MySQL + PHP cluster (Cisco ACE, DRBD, heartbeat, Failover) which can support 10,000 daily visitors
    • Deployment of the LAN/VPN in Grenoble & Paris sites
    • Securing Grenoble & Paris networks with Squid proxy + Shorewall (Firewall + Loadbalancing)
    • Deployment of the CI for development, preproduction and production environnements
    • Hardware inventory with GLPI

Web developer + Sysadmin

September 2010 - February 2011
Speedinfo, Seyssinet-Pariset
  • PHP developments
  • XHTML/CSS/Jquery integration
  • Magento modules developments
  • I.T. support

Web developer + Sysadmin

September 2005 - September 2010
Webu, Seyssinet-Pariset
  • More than 60 websites developments with PHP CMF Xaraya from corporate to e-commerce websites
  • E-commerce modules developments for PHP CMF Xaraya
  • API developments for ERP and payment solutions
  • Data transformation with the ETL Pentaho data integration
  • Management of Linux servers:
    • Web server : Apache.
    • Database server : MYSQL, PostGres
    • Emails servers : Exim4, QMAIL
    • Bash scripting
    • ShoreWall Firewall, HIDS OSSEC.


Group Mind - Founder of this drupal 7 distribution dedicated to community websites. This distribution still used for the Bonitasoft community website:
Drupal Answers to comment module - Add a feature to Answers module: Possibility to transform a comment to an answer and reverse too.
Drupal EU Cookie Compliance module - Add a feature to detect country source from IP with native PHP functions
Drupal Answers module - Add a feature and bugs fixing.


Full stack Angular 1.5 + NodeJS 4.3


SCRUM methods

Amazon AWS (Lambda, APIGateway, Route 53, DynamoDB, SES)

Amazon AWS (Lambda, APIGateway, Route 53, DynamoDB, SES)

PHP5 Symfony 2

PHP5 Drupal 7

PHP5 Codigniter

Sysadmin LAMP / LEMP

Javascript & jQuery

Mockups with Gimp